How to Prevent Broken AC Systems

It’s pretty easy to keep your AC working properly. The AC is one of the most hard working and most expensive appliances in your home. If you treat it properly, it can last for 12 years or more! You should get yearly cleanings in order keep your home air fresh and clean, keep the system efficient which saves energy and take care of any problems. If your air conditioning unit or related components get clogged from the vents or covers, it will force the AC to work harder, which raises your energy consumption and utility bills. It could eventually break from overworking - you should also save energy whenever you don’t need to use the AC. For example if you’re not home you should turn it off or if you are, usually there is power saving AC options available. Always get cleaning services and AC repairs from qualified technicians like the ones from Everest Air Duct Cleaning. Overall, if you take care of your AC well, your AC will take care of you.

A/C Thermostats & Smart Technology

Our company can make sure that your thermostats and other air conditioning technology or all working perfectly. We can program thermostats or smart home technology, or even assist with industrial solutions for commercial properties. In fact this is one of the best ways to make sure that your air conditioning is efficient. With night and day schedules as well as proper temperature regulation, you can definitely save energy and money every single day. This is just another reason to trust a certified, licensed HVAC company to handle your air conditioning services.

Air Duct Cleaning

It is important to make sure that your air ducts and all HVAC components are cleaned periodically. With your cleaning appointment, you can expect an HVAC professional to fully inspect your system and make you aware of any necessary or recommended services, repairs, or replacements. This is the best way to get ahead of any issues before they become irreparable or extremely problematic. In addition cleaning your entire HVAC system will ensure that dust, dirt, and other substances can't get into your air conditioning unit or other parts that will run less smoothly when they are extremely dirty.

How to Choose a New AC System

Sometimes an air conditioning unit or its attached machinery and components just get too old to fix and it’s eventually time to replace these old parts or the entire unit / installation itself. There is such a good variety of air conditioners to choose from that it gets hard to pick the right one. If you get an inspection on your AC system from Everest Air Duct Cleaning, we will be able to help you choose the perfect system for your home. It’s essential to get a professional to help you so you will choose the right system.

What Is Wrong With My Air Conditioner?

Broken air conditioners can be assessed and diagnosed in a variety of ways. Sometimes the issues are not so bad, so you might need an easy fix. Other times you have to replace the whole system. If your system feels off you should always call a professional at Everest Air Duct Cleaning to check out your situation.

Some signs your AC isn’t working properly are:
- Some rooms are a different temperature than others
- It takes too long to cool down a room
- Water on the ceiling around the covers or the ducts
- No air comes out at all
- The electricity bill is surprisingly higher than it’s supposed to be

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