Why You Need Us

Air ducts get cleaned in order to keep dust out. In Houston, since the humidity is so high mold is more prone to grow in the ducts because the condensation starts to build up in the duct. Breathing in this air could cause severe problems for you and your family. From simple allergies to lung/ respiratory problems. It is essential to get your air ducts cleaned routinely every year to make sure you’re breathing in healthy and completely clean air. Everest Air Duct Cleaning is here to make sure to get your air ducts as clean as possible.


Benefits of Cleaning Your Home Air Ducts

Being a householder, it’s important to make sure to keep your house aligned. Lots of people forget to take care of the things that aren’t right in front of them, like the AC systems. AC systems have got to be cleaned routinely every year. Not only does it have benefits for your home, but it will also benefit you and your family. There are health precautions to be considered when it comes to dirty AC ducts.

Having your air ducts cleaned will improve the function of your home. The cleaner your AC is the longer the life span of it will be. It will also reduce the energy being used in your home since there’s no dust blocking the air flow. This will save you money in the long run. Although, if the duct gets too clogged, it will raise your electric bill significantly. A dirty air duct could result in health issues involving your lungs or the respiratory system. Once you get them completely cleaned, allergies will start clearing up and the air will feel cleaner as a whole.

It’s important to keep the air you breath everyday clean for you and your family. The toxins in your air could potentially be very fatal to you and family in the long run. You should get your air duct cleaned every single year and if you haven’t in a while, please call us and we will inspect your air ducts.

What is a Basic Cleaning?

When we first come to your home, we inspect the air ducts. Usually if you get routinely cleanings we will offer a basic cleaning to get done. It is a very simple procedure. It involves a vacuum to clear out all the dust and a brush that basically clears the duct. This process will clear out all the toxins that could eventually create problems for you. If this process is not done every year, mold could eventually build up in your air ducts. It is essential to clear mold because the bacteria from the mold could get very fatal to your lungs.

What is Mold?

Mold is a type of fungi that usually grows in areas with a lot of moisture. Living in Houston, humidity is a big part of why mold is so common in the air ducts. Mold builds up when cold air goes through the vents on a hot day, causing the air to condensate in the ducts and eventually mold starts growing. You can prevent mold from growing by getting your ducts cleaned once every year and get them inspected if anything feels wrong/weird with the air in your house.

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