Air ducts get old, musty and eventually wear down. The good news is most of the time you dont have to get them all replaced, depending on the situation. Everest Air Duct Cleaning can help you with all your air duct needs, from partial to full HVAC replacement! We can clean, perform routine maintenance, provide full inspections and estimates, and of course replace, remove, or install any HVAC component.

What Are Air Ducts?

The air ducts in your home are probably located in your attic or are connected from your roof to the inside of your house. The air ducts bring air into your house to cool or heat it. These ducts are a part of your everyday life, but you probably don’t pay much attention to them since you can’t actually see all of them. Just like anything else you use every day, it requires attention and maintenance. You have to get them cleaned once a year to keep them working properly because dust builds up in them which can cause larger issues. For example, air duct cleaning can prevent or remove mold, but neglecting your air ducts will certainly require deep cleaning in the future. Once mold starts forming it will start spreading and this can become unmanageable. If too much builds up, the ducts start using more energy and working harder than they should because of all the debris and contaminants in the vent covers and ducts. By that point not only is dirty air that could potentially be hazardous to you and your family spreading all over your house, but it becomes increasingly more difficult to fix the issues. Your electricity bill will also rise as your system becomes less efficient. The more you take care of your home air system(s) and ducts, the less unnecessary money you will need to spend and the better air you will get.

Signs Your Ducts Might Be Worn Down

We all know how hard it is to have cool air during the summer time. The humidity and heat rises and so does our sweat, so of course the air conditioner is our best friend during summer time. The air ducts connected to our AC systems get old and we don’t even think about it! All we can think about is some cool air, but so many homeowners don't actually take care of their cool air systems and ducts! The problem is that as air ducts get older they start wearing down slowly and sometimes it’s hard to notice. Could you imagine having no AC on a hot day during summer time because a duct is broken?! If you start noticing problems with your AC it might be because of a duct, but because not all ducts are easily visible or accessible it is hard for the average homeowner to figure out.

Since air ducts can only be seen from attics and select areas of the homes, it’s difficult to inspect them yourself. Additionally, not all problems are visible on the outside of a duct. Some problems occur inside the ducts, requiring a professional air duct repair, replacement, or deep cleaning service to rectify. If you hear weird noises coming from one of them (or all of your ducts), there's probably a problem. If you hear weird rumbling or noises from them, this means there’s probably a break somewhere in one of them. This is usually an easy fix done pretty quickly, and sometimes the whole duct doesn’t even need to be replaced, just patched up. Of course, if you do need air duct replacement then we are the company for you! If you ever notice that the air doesn’t spread evenly or one part of the house is cool while another is not, you should get a technician from Everest Air Duct Cleaning to come your way. This may mean your ducts have a leak or they are completely broken somewhere. This fix needs to happen right away as your house could suffer irreparable damage if not handled promptly. Lastly, if your electricity bill seems higher than normal, you should definitely get your AC ducts and unit checked. No one wants to pay extra money for something that could be fixed easily.

Fixing your air ducts is actually very important for your home. No matter how good your system is, once it starts getting too old, problems will occur. They could be life threatening or just uncomfortable, but either way it’s a necessary fix.


Air ducts, the only things that keep us sane during the Texas heat. Air ducts are imperative to keeping the cool air system working as expected. Without ducts there would be no way for the air to travel to each part of a house or commercial property. Living in Houston or around the Houston are, some houses are very old and probably need fixes as the years go by. The first fix to any house should have to do with the air conditioning system. When getting new air ducts, your air will feel completely different. No noises, no leakage, no inconsistencies, and no worries! They will actually raise the property value of your home since they are such a big deal, so if you’re looking to sell your house it’s the perfect fix. They could also attract the eye of a person looking for a house especially if it’s old. This is because old houses are usually less money on the market, but if it’s in good condition people won’t care nearly as much.

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